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Centova Cast is the world's most advanced Internet radio stream hosting control panel.... PERIOD!

In addition to providing total control over your streaming server, Centova Cast also provides comprehensive autoDJ system. Never again will you need to rely on your own PC to broadcast your stream!

  • Easy web-based stream configuration
  • AutoDJ support with powerful playlist scheduler
  • Drag-and-drop AJAX media library
  • Comprehensive statistics and royalty reports
  • Automatic stream monitoring/restarting
  • Feature-rich, automatic station home pages
Centova Cast's AJAX Media Library brings a familiar, desktop-style media management interface to the web. Media can be searched or browsed by.... Album, Title, Genre - Tracks can be added to a playlist simply by dragging and dropping them on the desired playlist.

This drag-and-drop functionality can be used to instantly schedule the selected tracks to play at a given time, or on a repeating schedule. Centova Cast supports multiple playlists for each stream.

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Whether you're a ShoutCast newbie or a seasoned streaming professional, Centova Cast makes it easy to configure your stream. Whether you're a ShoutCast newbie or a seasoned streaming professional, Centova Cast makes it easy to configure your stream. .

As of Nov. 25, 2011, My Auto DJ is currently running the latest version of the Centova Cast SHOUTcast Control Panel + Auto DJ, v2.2.5 on all Centova Cast servers
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Four types of playlists are available, as described below. Through a combination of the playlist types offered by Centova Cast, you can achieve total control over your media scheduling, and completely eliminate the need for expensive third-party source software to schedule your tracks.
  • General Rotation Playlists handle the bulk of the media played on your stream. By creating multiple general rotation playlists with different "weights", you can ensure that popular tracks (such as new releases) are always played more often than your less popular tracks. Scheduled playlists play on a specific date, at a specific time, and can be configured to repeat every day, week, month, or year on a recurring schedule.
  • Scheduled Playlists are ideal for daily/weekly countdowns, pre-recorded shows, weather forecasts, or any other media that you'd like to have Centova Cast play automatically at a specific time.
  • Immediate playlists play immediately when they are activated (after the current song completes). They are ideal for spur-of-the-moment playback of tracks such as requested songs or announcements.
  • Interval Playlists play on a recurring basis, either every few minutes, or after every few songs.

Each playlist can be configured individually to control precisely how and when it will be played -- at a specific time, on a repeating schedule, or on a rotation schedule with support for ranking by popularity (known as "weighting")

Centova Cast offers Detailed Statistics of your listeners, player types, listener location and more. The recent activity report provides a high-level overview of your stream statistics, including details of listener trends, average session times, total listening hours, data transfer, track playback, and more. Listener activity for the past 48 hours is also plotted for easy reference.The listener overview provides information about listeners' usage of your station.

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