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$8.95 USD
SHOUTcast Widgets v5 + Website Builder (BETA)
SHOUTcast Widgets v5 (Final Release Early-August 2017) Easy Copy Paste Widgets -- Current Artist Widget w, Current Show, Recently Played, link your Centova Cast for extra features such as Talk Over Auto Dj, sound effects, introduce tracks, Twitter Auto Poster and much more! Works with any website builder!
Don't have a website? SHOUTcast Widgets has a built in website builder with responsive theme! Learn more and get sample code at
$6.95 USD
SHOUTcast Widgets Package with Free Website Builder
The original SHOUTcast Widgets v4 comes complete with easy copy paste widgets such as the currently playing artist widget, last played tracks widget, complete dj manage with scheduling system and calendar, built in website builder, multiple players you can easily embed in your own website and much more! Learn more about this popular web based panel at