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$9.95 USD
SHOUTcast Widgets v5 Unlimited Stream + Website Builder (BETA)
SHOUTcast Widgets v5 (Final Release July 4 2017) Easy Copy Paste Widgets Current Artist, Current Show, Recently Played, link your Centova Cast for extra features such as Talk Over Auto Dj, sound effects, introduce tracks, set up unlimited Tune In Radio API set, Twitter Auto Poster and much more! Works with any website builder!
Don't have a website? SHOUTcast Widgets has a built in website builder with responsive theme! demo at https

$6.95 USD
SHOUTcast Widgets Package with Free Website Builder

SHOUTcast Widgets + Optional Sitebuilder
-- Built in Flash/HTML5 Player
- Upload your Logo
- Upload your Avatar
- MP3 or AAC+ format
- Works with SHOUTcast v1, SHOUTcast v2 and Icecast
-Talk over Auto Dj (Requires Centova Cast)
- LastFM Album Artwork
- Twitter Automatic Song Posting
- TuneIN API Automatic Song Posting
- Visitor Tracking Analytics
- Complete Mail System
SHOUTcast Widgets all in one solution website builder + copy/paste widgets.Use this as your main website, SHOUTJokey can link to your domain name using domain masking (your listeners can access your page using your domain name ie. www.yoursite.com), includes user friendly control panel, upload your logo, public or private to remove branding, uses Last.FM API to pull each artists summary and image, auto-start flash player, full Facebook integration, Twitter integration, Google + Integration, and more.
This system is a great marketing tool, listeners can "Like and Share" each song that plays to their wall.