Centova Cast v3 Auto DJ + ICEcast Server Packages

$3.00 USD
Centova Cast v3 (Icecast v2 KH, Unlimited Bandwidth, Instant Setup)

Let My Auto Dj host your Icecast stream on Centova Cast, the hottest web based auto dj on the market. All streams run on the latest SSD servers with premium bandwidth and 1Gb upload ports. Easily manage your Icecast mount points, schedule auto dj to play the Top 8 @ 8 or Sunday Slow Jamz, broadcast live with the automated switching feature built into icess (icess is the auto dj type that works with Icecast and Centova), all from the popular Centova v3 Auto Dj + Icecast Manager
This Complete Package Includes both Icecast Server + Auto DJ, Fully Automated setup, instant upgrades/downgrades mean you can start small and add more resources as your radio station grows.
Includes Unlimited DJ Manager with DJ xFade and Seamless Auto DJ to Live DJ Switching, FTP and Web based uploads, complete playlist manager and more. Centova Cast comes complete with copy/paste widgets, current track, last played, on demand content and much more.

Live Centova Demo demo/demo1234