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Centova Cast v3 (serveur SHOUTcast v2 + DJ automatique, bande passante illimitée, configuration instantanée)
Ce paquet complet comprend le serveur SHOUTcast v2 Server + Auto DJ, la configuration entièrement automatisée, les mises à niveau / dégradations instantanées signifient que vous pouvez commencer petit et ajouter plus de ressources lorsque votre station de radio augmente. <br /> Comprend un DJ Manager illimité avec DJ xfade et Seamless Auto DJ to Live DJ Switching, FTP et des téléchargements basés sur le Web, un gestionnaire de liste de lecture complet et plus encore. Centova Cast est livré avec les widgets copier / coller, la piste actuelle, la dernière fois jouée, le contenu à la demande et bien plus encore. En savoir plus sur Centova Cast at centova.com
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Centova Cast Hosted - Auto DJ + Server Packages - Centova Cast Dedicated Cloud (Unlimited Listeners - Unlimited Bandwidth)

(Centova Cast required license +$15/m)
Packed with enough power to run multiple streams and accounts, this dedicated cloud is ideal for running your own stream hosting business or multi-stream networks. My Auto DJ will install, manage and host your new server on our blazing fast 1Gb port network.

No refunds on this package! Includes manual installation by a My Auto Dj certified technician, if you are unsure please open a chat or ticket to discuss further. Includes all upgrades and any maintenance if needed.
Please allow up to 24 hours for installation (usually less).

Centova Cast Auto Dj + Server

Stream SHOUTcast v2 or Icecast2 with unlimited auto djs, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited listeners, unlimited bit rate, unlimited mount points. All accounts include custom IP address, multi-user, detailed reports, includes all updates, maintenance - just bring your clients and mp3s!

Live Centova Admin Demo admin/demo
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Centova Auto DJ SHOUTcast v2 + SHOUTcast Widgets v5
Bundle the powerful Centova v3 Control Panel with the new SHOUTcast Widgets v5 which is already packed with the hottest copy/paste widgets using AJAX coding, but when combined with Centova Auto Dj, your able to talk over auto dj, introduce tracks along with the latest news and weather, and even play sound effects on your website while auto dj plays without interruption! SHOUTcast Widgets is able to do this through the Centova API. SHOUTcast WIdgets DJ manager with variable DJ Carousel, Currently Playing Artist Widget and the Tune In Radio / Twitter Auto posters put this web based software above and beyond all the rest.

Live Centova Demo demo/demo1234

SHOUTcast Widgets Screenshots