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Auto DJ Control Script
If you do not wish to give your DJs access to your Centova Cast account, you should use the Centova Cast API to give your DJs limited access to stop/start the autoDJ. More details can be found here
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SHOUTcast Radio DSP plug-in for Windows
SHOUTcast DNAS 2.0 Beta Latest Release: SHOUTcast DNAS 2.0 Beta is the next-generation of SHOUTcast server technology, designed to work with the new 2.0 YP platform that supports real-time and coming soon search results, International character encoding support, and much much more!
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This will install EdCast DSP for Windows - which, used with WinAmp, will allow you to broadcast using a IceCast server.
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The universal tag editor 1,32 MB [Windows 95 | 98 | ME | NT4 | 2000 | XP | 2003]
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