Everest cast Multi-Server Auto Dj Panel

The Everest cast SHOUTcast/Icecast autodj panel is packed with amazing features and utilities guaranteed to bring your online radio station to the next level. Use the Everest cast auto dj with the no artist repeat option enabled to deliver a perfect mix to your listeners and play your ads/station ids at the exact time you specify.

Professional Auto Dj System

Everest cast is the most advanced server based auto dj on the market!

No Artist Repeats
Automated Request Widget
Multi-Server (SHOUTcast/Icecast)
You Tube Streaming
Tune-In API
mp3 Tag Editor
Custom Copy/Paste Widgets

Upload your mp3's to the Everest cast auto dj and your streaming! Set up and schedule unlimited playlists and jingles with the ability to interrupt the currently playing track for events that must start at a given time. Create an unlimited amount of djs, all with their own unique username/password which they would enter into their live broadcasting software (ie Virtual DJ, Sam Broadcaster, BUTT) to connect live.


Run both SHOUTcast and Icecast at the same time from same source. Supports SHOUTcast v1, v2 and Icecast2

No Artist Repeat

Set the Everest cast auto dj to not repeat the same artist every "X" tracks to deliver the perfect mix.

Request Widget

Embed the automated request widget on your website, listeners can request and send shout outs depending on you terms.

Tune In Radio API

Enter your set of Tune In Radio API keys to display the currently playing track in the Tune In directory and players.

Unlimited Remote Djs

DJs automatically fade from auto dj to live seamlessly, DJ details and photo listed in now playing widgets

Bulk MP3 Uploader

Quickly upload your songs to the auto dj with the web based bulk uploader or via your favorite FTP client

Got a Website? Make use of Everest cast Copy Paste Widgets

Select from multiple copy/paste widgets you can embed in your own website or application. List currently playing track with current DJ, automated request widget where you choose what songs are available to your listeners for request, fully customizable player and more.

Everest cast Demo

Demo is not hosted by My Auto Dj!
username: test1 Password: test1234

Order Everest cast

All Everest cast packages include unlimited bandwidth + free and instant setup, and are hosted on the famous My Auto Dj network - be streaming in minutes!

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