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End of the popular Like Song feature
Facebook has completely removed support for the parameters we used to pass the currently playing song and artist to the Facebook share box (Like Song), which is (was) a very popular part of SHOUTcast Widgets. The only method allowed now is by..
Started By: My Auto Dj, At 07/21/2017 10:20:33
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At 07/31/2017 18:30:30
Amazing New Panel This Summer!
Sorry for the delay in updates, we've been throwing some extra features in the complete re-write of the default theme, we still have  couple days left on it but we still hope to be giving out some beta accounts on June 1st, but only for..
Started By: My Auto Dj, At 04/19/2017 10:56:31
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My Auto Dj
At 05/29/2017 13:18:00
Android App - 32One Radio
We've just published a new Android app which features all SHOUTcast Widgets clients that have their status set to Public and Listed, who have uploaded a station avatar, and changed their station title. The app allows the user to save..
Started By: My Auto Dj, At 11/26/2016 16:10:50
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My Auto Dj
At 12/12/2016 08:11:14
Server Migration - HDD to SSD Complete!
We've just completed the migration of all old HDD servers to new SSD (Solid State Drives) which are  more efficient, stable and much faster!  We've also put together a status page with realtime updates of server maintenance or..
Started By: My Auto Dj, At 10/12/2016 07:59:31
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My Auto Dj
At 10/12/2016 07:59:31
Scheduled Maintenance
You can view all Scheduled & Un-Scheduled Maintenance in realtime direct from the data centers
Started By: My Auto Dj, At 10/11/2016 14:53:02
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My Auto Dj
At 10/11/2016 14:53:02
How much does it cost? Do you offer free searches?
All searchees are 100% Free!   Want to use our data in your application? Our instant API allows you to instantly create your own API key and purchase calls for only $0.01 /per search! ..
Started By: My Auto Dj, At 09/17/2016 10:15:08
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My Auto Dj
At 09/17/2016 10:15:08
Dept. of Corrections
Arkansas DOC  Last updated 9/2016,  16,797 California DOC  Last updated 2013,  92,847 Records Connecticut DOC  Last updated 2013,  21,019 Records Florida DOC  Last updated 2013, ..
Started By: My Auto Dj, At 09/17/2016 09:56:13
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My Auto Dj
At 11/17/2016 08:22:00
Sex Offender Data
Alaska  Last updated 8/2016, 3,421 records Alabama  Last updated 8/2016,   9,666 records Arizona  Last updated 8/2016,   5,868 records Arkansas  Last updated 2012,   2,819 records..
Started By: My Auto Dj, At 09/16/2016 11:17:42
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My Auto Dj
At 09/20/2016 19:19:52
WHMSonic - What to do ??
It's been several months since we've heard from WHMSonic, they have taken their automation script offline and there are several bugs in the software. Last year they introduced SHOUTcast v2, things were looking up, but again they have gone..
Started By: My Auto Dj, At 09/16/2016 11:13:43
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My Auto Dj
At 09/16/2016 11:13:43
What is the Sex Offender API ?
The Sex Offender API allows developers to use our massive collection of current sex offenders, dept. of corrections and criminal court records. Data is returned in XML format and includes the subjects street address, photo and personal details. To..
Started By: My Auto Dj, At 09/10/2016 19:51:58
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My Auto Dj
At 09/10/2016 19:51:58