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HOTT New Player

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Native Player 1/20/2015

We've just installed the new native player -- this player works on any browser and uses flash with html5 fallback (meaning if the computer or device does not have flash installed it automatically switches to html5). We've also added a new setting under your main General Settings for default color as this player lets you also choose the color! In flash mode has a eq/level meter, auto-start and more!

Check out the demo here CLICK FOR NATIVE PLAYER DEMO

    playing all MPEG-Audio radio streams
    multi relay support (find automaticaly the next free stream)
    extensive platform support, cross-browser and cross-platform
    (Desktop, Android, iOS)
    Flash/HTML5 streaming technology
    read song information for icecast 1+2 and shoutcast 1+2
    small and simple design
    full responsive (horizontal / vertical)
    volume slider
    mulitply instances
    Theme Color: set the RGB value from your native flash radio player theme

06/26/2016 11:20:08