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New Event and Calendar System

My Auto Dj
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UPDATE 3/21/2015  3/23/2015

The new calendar is live! In your SHOUTcast Widgets Admin mouse over website at the top and click get links.

The main calendar is at, your custom calendar link will have your events a different color to stand out from the others.(clients with events already in the system will need to go in each event and set the background and text color)

We've made lots of changes to our event calendar! You can now switch between day/week/month views, clicking on a event opens a pop up modal window which displays the show title/description, the current host of the show (dj), HTML5 player with Flash backup and more! Each client is able to display the calendar as either public and highlight their events with the color of their choice, or as private to show only theirs.. check out the daily view demo for the station 2k22day update each hour!

My Auto Dj Admin

06/26/2016 11:21:59

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