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Name or Company : My Auto Dj

My Auto Dj Offline Topics: 32 Replies: 39 Joined: 10/24/2009

Name or Company : My Auto Dj

Twitter Auto Song Post

Twitter Auto-Song Poster

The Twitter Auto Poster allows you to set your SHOUTcast Widgets to automatically post a Tweet every "X" amount of songs and include the artist and song title, along with a link to your website. You'll need to create and use your own Twitter API keys (free) https://apps.twitter.com

Click Here for Full Instructions on How to Set Up Twitter Auto Poster 

  • Flood Control
  • Enter your own custom #HashTags #ListenNow
  • Set to auto post every 1 - 25 songs
  • Easily enable and disable autoposter from your SHOUTcast Widgets panel



Errors & Issues

  • Twitter is very touchy with their terms and limits, 2nd day into this project and we've already had our API suspended. Luckly Twitter is very fast to respond and lifted the suspension in less the 30 minutes, however we had to remove the @ sign before the artist as it is considered spamming. 
  • Images - Twitter now appears to only allow images that are uploaded rather then simply providing the URL which would raise the server load quite a bit so it's not likely we will be adding the images to  auto posts sorry.
  • Twitters terms also say not to post the same url over and over, however it seems in situations such as this they make a exception, but we recommend not pushing that and hve only a single URL in your tweats. 
  • Twitter allows you to post at most 2400 Tweets per day, normal songs about 5 min long you won't even come close to the limit, but if you play a lot of very short sets, keep that limit in mind. Twitter API Posting Limit 
  • Developer Agreement and Policy

  • Automation Rules Best Practices

  • Developer Display Requirements

  • Twitter Rules




07/04/2016 13:41:57

Added a dashboard widget to the auto poster. 

  • When the auto-poster is on, the widget will display the current song count (helpful when debugging). When the counter gets to your pre-set amount of songs played, the counter will reset to zero. If you make changes at the wrong time during a cycle it can sometimes skip, system will automatically max out at 25 songs and reset should this happen.
  • If there is a error, after a couple cycles the error log will appear where you can view the actual error message. Googling the error message can sometimes help, most of the times you forgot to enter the URL in your Twitter API settings, go back over the DOCS and ensure you have the correct url entered. Also many times clients will try to type the API keys, always use copy/paste. Another common error is entering the APi keys into the wrong fields, ensure you have them exactly as in your Twitter account with no whitespace!


07/04/2016 22:49:42