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Secure SHOUTcast (& Icecast)

My Auto Dj
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All SHOUTcast Widgets accounts now include a proxy which turns your non secure listen URL into a secure mp3 link which works in just about any player on the planet! If your a current client, make sure you goto your server settings page and click on the save button for your primary server, this will create the new link and apply the settings to the different players SHOUTcast Widgets offers.

Here lately, all everyone has been hearing about is SSL and making sure their website was up to date and included a SSL certificate (https). The problem is, when you try to embed a non secure audio link into your webpage, the browser sees that as non secure content and throws the flag (Insecure Warning). 

Get compliant now and grab your custom HTTPS listen link under "The Links" section in your SHOUTcast Widgets admin panel. 

My Auto Dj Admin

08/27/2018 17:31:28

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