The Artist 2016 Responsive Template

This advanced SHOUTcast Widgets Template is a single page design and a re-work of "The Artist" template we put out back in 2013. Responsive bascilly means for a website to function with optimial results, layout and ease of use on all devices and screen sizes, along with special optimization techniques. 

  • 100% Responsive Design
  • Mobile Optimization Option
  • Choose any color in the spectrum for template color
  • Set your panel to public to be listed in the directory, requires seo setting including genre and website title.
  • Choose your own color set color from the spectrum
  • Single page design so the music keeps playing
  • List up to 2 mountpoints (if SHOUTcast 2 mountpoint is mandatory)
  • Built in Newsletter form with Mailchimp integertion (2,000 emails /m free) learn more
  • Last played songs, events and current song playing sections all refresh using jquery - no messy iFrames!
  • Includes Pay-Per-Click or Pay-Per-Impression text ads (Paypal & Stripe Supported)
  • Change the currently playing transparency and location
  • Multi-Language - Set defult language in General Settings, Visitors can change to their own language which is saved in their browser as a cookie for return visits.

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