Analytics 3

Google Analytics

Automated Request Widget (Centova Link) 1

Offer your listeners their choice of media to enjoy

Facebook Integration 2

Facebook Connect - Facebook Share

Front Page Editor 4

WYSIWYG Editor Web Accessibility

Media Players 3

Information about the various media players used in SHOUTcast Widgets, Permanent Play Links, etc

Mobile 1

All about the mobile version and players

On Direct Demand 3

Stream your favorite music on any device!

Quick Play (Centova Link) 1

Quickly find and play any song in your media

Talk Live (Centova Link) 2

SHOUTcast Widgets combined with Centova v3 allow you to actually talk on auto dj!

Widgets 4

All about the various widgets SHOUTcast Widgets has to offer


 How do I access SHOUTJockey

As long as your have SHOUTJockey enabled on your account, you will find the SHOUTJockey access...

 How do I find my Mailchimp Form URL?

Login to your Mailchimp panel https://login.mailchimp.com Click on Lists at the top If you...

 How do I get a Google Adsense ID to enter in my media player? How does this Adsense system work?

You'll need to create a Google Adsense Account It is 100% free to apply, in fact, they pay you!...

 How do I get a last.fm api key ?

You can get your last.fm API from http://www.last.fm/api/account - just copy and paste your key...

 How do I use SHOUTJockey as my Website?

Domain Masking or URL Masking is the art of hiding the actual domain name of a website from the...

 How do I use the Chat And Go Flash Chat option?

ChatandGo is a free flash chat widget you can use throughout your network of dj's and friends...

 How does Facebook Integration work?

There are a few different types of Facebook Integration in SHOUTJockey's Front Pages, - Users...

 How to Link Centova v3 with SHOUTcast Widgets

Link Centova with SHOUTcast Widgets   Login to SHOUTcast Widgets, click on Server Settings. look...

 How to find Server Settings with Centova Cast

IP Address or Host Name - Click on Quick Links in the left menu of your Centova Cast panel, look...

 How to find Server Settings with WHMSonic

IP Address or Host Name - On the right of your main WHMSonic dashboard under My Radio, look for...

 Server Settings

You will need to enter your SHOUTcast or Icecast server settings before SHOUTcast Widgets can...

 Setting up Twitter Auto Song Poster

Setting up the Twitter Autoposter requires you get your own Twitter API keys (free). Once you...

 Troubleshooting Server Connection Problems

- Ensure you are using only the ip address or host name for your server. Common mistakes are...

 What is a Valid Hostname or IP Address?

The most common mistake clients make is entering their entire stream URL in the ip address /...

 What is the difference in Last.FM and Centova Cast Integration?

 Why do my album art images not display?

There are a few reason why album artwork does not display as intended. 1. MP3 TAGS - Even if...

 Über Shout Widgets Mount-Punkte Optionen

Mountpoints sind Streams - mp3-Streams sind mit Abstand die häufigsten und beliebtesten und...

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