New Template (SHOUTcast Widgets)

SHOUTcast Widgets now has a new template featuring expandable last played tracks, spinning record player with custom lable, talk over player enabled allows you to talk during auto dj, full HTTPS!  Check out the demo

14th Nov 2018
Azuracast Auto Dj + SHOUTcast v2/Icecast2

We've got the new Azuracast hosted on fast Linux servers featuring full HTTPS panel + listen links, Tune In API & Twitter auto poster, automated request system, SoundExchange enabled, Live DJ xFade, MP3, AAC+ or OGG streams!

9th Nov 2018
SHOUTcast Widgets Video Tutorials

Learn everything there is to know about SHOUTcast Widgets! <a href="link.php?id=8" target="_blank" class="btn btn-info btn-sm">YouTube Video Tutorials</a>

29th Mar 2018
Integrations

Link your social media account with your My Auto DJ panel for one click logins. Never forget your password again! Currently supported services include: FacebookGoogle and Twitter.
Click on Security Setttings in your My Auto Dj client panel.

15th Nov 2017
SHOUTcast WIdgets - Networks

Want to start your own radio network? You can now include all of your streams and even use other SHOUTcast Widgets users streams in your own network. You'll be able to generate custom code to create your own network player, or embed them into your webpages!

13th Aug 2016
SHOUTcast Widgets - New Responsive Theme

The Artist 2016 Responsive Template This advanced SHOUTcast Widgets Template is a single page design and a re-work of "The Artist" template we put out back in 2013. Responsive bascilly means for a website to function with optimial results, layout and ease of use on all devices and screen sizes, along with special ... Read More »

14th Jul 2016
Talk Live on Auto DJ!

Our new Talk Live feature is now available to all SHOUTcast Widgets clients that have their Centova Cast server linked up under Server Settings. This amazing new feature currently works on standard pc's/desktops and laptops (no mobile support yet), on Chrome, FIrefox or Edge browsers with Adobe Flash installed. Learn How to Set Up the Talk Live ... Read More »

8th Apr 2016
WHMSonic v2.2.1 Released

WHMSonic has released it's latest version 2.2.1 which includes the latest SHOUTcast v2 DNAS. Clients panels also allow them to switch between SHOUTcast v1 / v2 with a single click.! WHMSoic v2.2.1 includes a new Advanced HTML5 player with artist image that you can easily embed into your website. Learn more about WHMSonic ... Read More »

30th Jan 2016
Client Area Upgrades This Week!

We've upgraded the client area to the latest WHMCS 6.0! The new responsive theme is 100% optimized for mobile, cPanel Connect, and a brand new look are just a few of the many features you'll find. Learn more about WHMCS v6

8th Jul 2015
Now accepting Bitcoin Payments!

They say it's the future of payments -- you can now be the judge of that by choosing Bitcoin as the payment type on your invoice.

11th Nov 2014