Added Social Login Option

Link your My Auto DJ account to your favorite social network for fast logins and best of all you'll never have problems loggin in to your account again due to forgotten passwords! To link your My Auto DJ account..(1) First ensure you are logged out On the Login page, click on one of the social buttons ... Read More »

13th Oct 2013
Icecast KH Available

We now have the new Icecast KH server available on select Centova v3 panels, if you currently have the old Icecast 2 and would like to upgrade, or if you have just bought a new Icecast 2 server and would like to change to Icecast KH, please open a ticket and we will make the change for you.

3rd Apr 2013
Centova v3 SHOUTcast 2 and Icecast Now Available

We now sell the new Centova Cast v3 with your choice of SHOUTcast2 or Icecast. Centova v3 features many new options such as automated song requests, stream in MP3 or AAC+ format, SJ Manager with xFade and much more. Learn more about the new Centova v3 v3 with SHOUTcast2 ... Read More »

19th Nov 2012
Centova Cast v2.2.5 is now available!

Nov. 26, 2011 Centova Cast v2.2.5 has been installed on all of our Centova Cast servers! Nov 22, 2011 Centova Cast v2.2.5 is now available, which resolves a number of bugs and one security issue. This is a further bug fix release for the v2.2 branch of Centova Cast, which fixes a number of issues in v2.2.4 and introduces a few minor ... Read More »

26th Nov 2011
Free VPS / Cloud Installation

Want to run your own SHOUTcast business? Want unlimited listeners & accounts with room to grow? Want it all installed for FREE? Just place a order for a VPS or Cloud from one of our providers,  goto or and buy your own license, we will install SHOUTcast and Icecast, both auto dj types (sc_trans and icescc), cPanel ... Read More »

21st Sep 2011
cPanel on Androind and iPhone

For Android Control Panel for cPanel is a free native control panel for your cPanel server cPanel is the industry leader for turning standalone servers into a fully automated point-and-click hosting platforms. Control Panel for cPanel is the first of its kind free native control panel that will allow you to access and edit your cPanel server ... Read More »

21st Aug 2011
No money this month? Pay with Trial pay!

Let TrialPay pay For Your Auto DJ and Server! TrialPay will make your payment for you as long as you agree to try out one of their products -- many are simply free trials, as long as you cancel the trial before the end of the term you pay NOTHING!!! You can use this service as many times as you like, TrialPay has so many new products you can go ... Read More »

21st May 2011
Pay-Per-Click - Keyword Targeted Text and Image Ads

Advertise on our network and partner websites, Bid on Keywords, Keep track of your clicks, impressions and keywords in your advertiser control panel. My Auto DJ and Unlimited Text Ads are now offering DOUBLE CREDIT for each $1 you spend! Open a account on Unlimited Text Ads and we will double your first deposit. Get started now! ... Read More »

25th Mar 2011
Mobile Apps - Listen to your Station on the go...

Most all smartphones now have several different types of apps you can download that work with both Shoutcast and Icecast streams. We've put together a page on ones we recommend using. Depending on who your provider is, even though you have internet access, you may have a limited amount of data that can be ... Read More »

26th Feb 2011
Bing - No, it's not Google....but....

Google is still king of the search engines by far, but don't forget, millions of people use Bing every day, you see the ads on T.V., they are a major player in S.E.O., which is why it's important to take a little time to tell Bing about your website! 1. Submit your URL to Bing - 2. Submit your XML Sitemap to ... Read More »

25th Oct 2010