Streaming live with Sam Broadcaster & IceCast


When your ready to "Go Live",

1. In Sam Broadcaster - under "Encoders", choose the + sign to add a new encoder

2. Choose MP3 format

3. Under the Converter folder tab, you'll want to match whatever bit rate you have Centova Cast set to - in most cases, and by default, this will be 128Kbs stereo (failure to set this will result in your music being played very fast, or very slow) 

4. Under the Server Details folder tab, choose Ice Cast

The below will be listed in the quick links section of Centova Cast


  • Server Ip 
  • Port # 
  • Password 
  • Mount Point (/live)

5. Click OK, then start playing some music with Sam Broadcaster (it makes it easier if you just click the mute button in Sam, and open a media player to listen in Centova Cast... especially if it's your first time so you can hear it automatically switch from auto dj to live)

When your ready to go live, right click the encoder you just set up and choose start... remember, there will be a delay of about 10 seconds, but there should not be any dead air when Centova switches from auto dj to live - when your done with your live broadcast, just right click the encoder in Sam and choose stop - that's it!


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