How to Link Centova v3 with SHOUTcast Widgets

Link Centova with SHOUTcast Widgets

  Login to SHOUTcast Widgets, click on Server Settings. look for Centova Link near the bottom.

  • Centova Username - To locate the Centova username, in your Centova Cast panel click on Quick Links, look for FTP Username near the bottom. The username is CaSe SeNsTiVe!
  •  Centova Port - In most cases this will be 2199 (note this is NOT your server port)
  •  Media Folder - In most cases this will be media

Create Playlist in Centova

  • In Centova, click on Playlists in the left menu
  • Click on Create Playlist

    Title: live
    Status: enabled
    Type: Immediate
    Playlist Order: Sequential

Create Folder in Centova Media

This can be done either in your Centova Panel or via FTP client. You will need to create a folder within the /media folder (ie. /media/live)

  • In your Centova Panel, click on Files in the left menu
  • Click on Media once on the left so it is highlighted
  • Click New Folder at the bottom, enter live for the folder and and save

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