Affiliates 3

Information about our Affiliate Program

Asterisk and VOIP 5

Information about all Asterisk, Voice Over IP, ViciDial, Call Centers & more Asterisk and VOIP

Billing & Account 7

Billing and AccountInformation about payments, Billing and Account Related Information, Upgrades/Downgrades, Addons

Centova Cast Auto DJ 14

Information on how to set up and manage the Centova Cast Auto DJ System

Cloud and VPS Hosting 3

Cloud and VPS and Dedicated Hosting, Root Access, SSH

CPanel (Web Hosting Control Panel) 22

Information on how to setup and manage your cPanel Web Hosting Account

Ice Cast KH 6

Information about Icecast2 KH Server

My Auto DJ Rewards 5

Earn reward points through actions in your client area

Pay-Per-Click Text Ads 3

Advertise on our network - with Pay-Per-Click you can't loose!

Resellers 18

Centova Cast Reseller, WHMSonic Reseller, Web Hosting Reseller

Shoutcast V1 9

Information about Shoutcast Version 1

Shoutcast V2 1

Information about Shoutcast Version 2

SHOUTcast Widgets 41

SOUTcast Widgets - Information about our SHOUTcast Widgets & Website Builder

Troubleshooting 1

Common Problems and Errors

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) 18

Information for Shoutcast, Icecast and Web Hosting VPS packages

WHMSonic Auto DJ 6

Information on how to set up and manage the WHMSonic Auto DJ System

Wordpress + cPanel Packages 6

Information about our Wordpress packages with cPanel web hosting included

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