Affiliates 3

Informationen über unsere Affiliate-Programm

Asterisk und VoIP 5

Informationen über alle Asterisk, Voice Over IP, ViciDial, Call-Center und weitere Asterisk und VoIP

Abrechnungs-und Konto 7

Abrechnung und AccountInformation über Zahlungen, Abrechnungs-und Kontobezogene Informationen, Upgrades / Downgrades, Addons

Centova Cast Auto DJ 14

Information on how to set up and manage the Centova Cast Auto DJ System

Cloud und VPS-Hosting 3

Cloud und Dedicated Hosting und VPS Root-Zugriff, SSH

CPanel (Web Hosting Control Panel) 22

Informationen zum Einrichten und Verwalten Ihrer cPanel Web-Hosting-Account

Ice Cast KH 6

Informationen über CR Server Icecast2

Mein Auto DJ Belohnungen 5

Verdienen Sie Bonuspunkte durch Aktionen in Ihrem Client-Bereich

Pay-Per-Click Text Ads 3

Advertise on our network - with Pay-Per-Click you can't loose!

Wiederverkäufer 18

Centova Reseller, WHMSonic Reseller, Web-Hosting-Reseller-Cast

Shoutcast V1 9

Informationen über Shoutcast-Version 1

Shoutcast V2 1

Informationen über Shoutcast-Version 2

Shoutcast-Widgets 41

SOUTcast Widgets - Informationen über unsere Shoutcast Widgets & Website Builder

Störungssuche 1

Häufige Probleme und Fehler

Virtual Private Server (VPS) 18

Informationen für Shoutcast, Icecast und Web-Hosting-Pakete VPS

WHMSonic Auto DJ 6

Informationen zur Einrichtung und Verwaltung der WHMSonic Auto DJ-System

Wordpress + cPanel Packages 6

Information about our Wordpress packages with cPanel web hosting included


 Setting up the WHM Sonic Control Panel for the First Time

1. Log In to CPanel - we have several different WHMSonic servers, you can find the link to your...

 How do I get a last.fm api key ?

You can get your last.fm API from http://www.last.fm/api/account - just copy and paste your key...

 Streaming live with Sam Broadcaster & IceCast

  When your ready to "Go Live", 1. In Sam Broadcaster - under "Encoders", choose the +...

 MP3 License Fee

Currently mp3 keys are not available 1/4/2014

 How do my DJ's connect when they want to "Go Live"?

As of the latest version of WHMSonic, you can now use the popular DJ Feature built into WHMSonic...

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