How do my DJ's connect when they want to "Go Live"?

As of the latest version of WHMSonic, you can now use the popular DJ Feature built into WHMSonic in either mp3 or aac+format! Assign unique username/passwords for each of your DJ's, when they are ready to "go live" and begin broadcasting their live show, all then do is connect using the free Win Amp Broadcaster, Sam Broadcaster, LiveDJ, or most any other type of DJ Software. WHMSonic will detect the live source has connected and automatically switch from auto dj to live source. When the DJ is finished with their live broadcast, all they need to do is disconnect, WHMSonic will go back to playing the auto dj until the next dj connects.

WHM Sonic makes it EASY for your DJ's to connect & begin a live broadcast. You'll need to create a new DJ account in your WHM Sonic ADMIN Cpanel, which will give them their own, custom port number, username and password. The DJ can then enter that information into Win-Amp, Sam Broadcaster, or whatever program they use to broadcast with.

When their ready to "Go Live", all they need to do is connect to the server. WHM Sonic will detect the live source has connected & fade the auto DJ out, and the live source in. When the DJ is finished, WHM Sonic will fade back to the auto DJ - there is no need to ever have to stop the server, no need for your DJ to login to your WHM Sonic ADMIN Cpanel - the switching is done automatically!


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