How to set up Centova v3 with SHOUTcast Widgets v5

You can enable Centova Link under server settings. Your also able to set up multiple servers, all with unique Centova accounts. 

1. Under server settings, choose edit server and click on the Centova Link tab enter your Centova Cast username and ensure the other 3 fields are correct and save.

2. Create folder under /media folder.
In your Centova v3 panel, you can do this under File Manager. Make sure your in the /media folder and look for New Folder at the bottom. Title the new folder SCWIDGETS It is important you use all CAPS. 

3. Create playlist
In your Centova v3 panel, click on Playlists, Create new playlist, title the playlist SCWIDGETS , for Type choose Immediate, for Playback order choose In Order.
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